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angular directives for payments and Stripe

tl;dr: We open sourced our AngularJS directives for payments and working with Stripe:

During the past few weeks we've been really excited about two things: AngularJS and the Stripe API. The new admin interface that we rolled out last week makes great use of 2-way data bindings and directives. The new paid accounts are powered by Stripe, which was a joy to integrate. Seriously, why can't everyone (us included) do such a good job with documentation?

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angular or backbone: what are startups using?

At, we've been hearing a lot of buzz about Angular.js lately, and we've been itching to try it on a larger project. We're primarily a Backbone.js shop-- our entire site and most of our templates are written in Backbone. But we've also played around with Angular, and have written a few Angular tutorials that were quite popular. (Especially our post on Using Angular.js with a Backend API) With an overhaul of the Backlift website on the horizon, we figured it was time to give Angular a more serious look.

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collaborating on backlift apps

One common use case for Dropbox folders is collaborating and sharing files with other people. Dropbox doesn't support sharing folders inside Apps-folder, but it doesn't mean that you're on your own when working with Backlift. While we're building a better solution for collaborating on Backlift apps, here's a simple workaround:

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using third party APIs without JSONP

I'm excited to announce the new Backlift Tunnel API. The goal of this feature is to make it easier to incorporate third party APIs into your Backlift website. The tunnel API eliminates the need for complex CORS or JSONP work-arounds to the same origin policy, and it lets you store your secret keys privately on the server, rather than exposing them in your javascript code. It does this by providing a way to configure tunnels, or proxy endpoints, and attach headers, parameters and authorization details, that will be used to send requests from the server.

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using angularjs with a back-end API

In this walkthrough, we'll be storing the data for our lists app using's data API for persistence. We have already built a nifty little app for lists in the previous tutorial, and are now about to extend it. First, we'll wire up a backend to save and load lists and then modify the router so that it's possible to create new lists on the fly.

Check out the final version:

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airfoil: landing pages with wings

We're proud to announce our newest family of Backlift app templates launched today at AirFoil apps provide everything you need to launch and optimise a landing page, collect email addresses, and track conversions.

We figure it's best to show, not tell, so we created this two minute tour of AirFoil. Check it out!

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getting started with backlift data

A few devs have been asking about how to get started with the Backlift data API. Our documentation on data persistence can be found here and here. However, I thought a quick tutorial would make for a better introduction.

Probably the easiest way to get started with data is to open the console and kick off a few ajax requests. ... read more

backlift data API change

This is a quick note that we're modifying the data persistence API. Until now we've had two separate API schemes. Most of our API endpoints started with /backlift/ except for our data persistence API which started with /backliftapp/. Moving forward we will move the data persistence API from /backliftapp/ to /backlift/data/. This will unify all our API endpoints under a single /backlift/ namespace. Regardless, applications will continue to work using the old API for the time being. ... read more

slides template preview

We've been working on a slide presentation template that makes it easy to create an publish slides via Dropbox. It's nearly time for HTML5 DevConf, and we wanted to get out a preview for all those presenters who are, no doubt, working hard on their decks right now. So here it is!

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angular.js views and controllers

In this walkthrough, we'll get started with AngularJS, a popular JavaScript framework for web applications. To demonstrate some of the best features of AngularJS, we'll build an app that generates disposable lists with unique URLs - imagine Pastebin for lists. It's more exciting than just the good-old todo app, and would be a great fit for grocery lists or even a temporary (asyncronous) chat.

Check out the final version here:

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backbone.js tutorials on

A few weeks back we posted a few Backbone.js tutorials on Here are the links to the tutorials posted so far:

Building Backbone.js apps with Backlift Part 1: Views and Templates

Building Backbone.js apps with Backlift Part 2: Collections and Forms

We're planning to release a third tutorial soon on user authentication and access control, but we don't have a firm date. We'll be sure to post on this blog when it's ready!

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dropbox deployment for front-end devs

Deploying a web app on is now easier than that horse dance. Just sign in to Backlift using Dropbox, pick a template and click "create". The toughest part is choosing a name.

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enter the blog

This is the backlift blog! It is, in fact, a backlift app. Don't believe me? Check out Pretty soon we'll be adding the blog to the list of templates that can be installed from the backlift Command Line Interface.

This blog is awfully simple. Entries are created in markdown and rendered by marked. Comments are handled by disqus. The coolest feature is that in the editor mode, a preview of the rendered markdown is updated live as you type, so you get immediate visual feedback.

We'll be using this blog to announce new backlift features, post service status updates or planned maintenance, and highlight backlift apps that rock. Please stay tuned here We'll likely also use twitter to announce new posts, so follow @backliftapp for the latest!

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