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dropbox deployment for front-end devs

Deploying a web app on is now easier than that horse dance. Just sign in to Backlift using Dropbox, pick a template and click "create". The toughest part is choosing a name.

When you create an app, Backlift will add a new folder to your Dropbox/Apps folder containing the app's source files. Then, when you add files or make changes locally, Backlift will update the live web app. Your app will have a unique and hard to guess URL that you can keep private or share with others.



Dropbox integration is one way Backlift makes life easier for front-end developers. Deploying a website today is too difficult due to the myriad front-end technologies involved in modern web development. Not to mention the back-end, which requires an entirely separate skill set. We help front-end developers focus on the important stuff: the user experience.

Backlift provides the core features that every web app needs: data persistence, access control, and file hosting. We also offer a few conveniences to speed up development, like drag-and-drop deployment via Dropbox, and automatic compilation of coffeescript and handlebars files. Finally when you're ready for production, we'll package and optimize your app.

Please sign in to give Backlift a try. We think you'll agree that this is an easier, more gratifying way to build web apps. However, we've got a lot of work to do. Keep us on track by leaving comments, or sending feedback to feedback (at) Thanks!

-- by @colevscode on Dec 19 2012
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